Yes, I Know I Suck.
by B.I.Diamond

 So, I would like to mention that part of the reason I am making a webcomic is for background and composition practice. I've been drawing since I could pick up a pen and I only started drawing backgrounds regularly since starting this comic. Previously, all my drawings would be floating in white space or colored space. I never drew the characters interacting with others, never drew them using objects, nothing. So this greatly challenges me to draw things I'm not use to: interactions, objects, backgrounds and more dynamic angles. 


No it's not good right now. Yes, my composition is bad, however this is the begining for me of the comic as well as these aspects of art. If you can cut me some slack and kindly appriciate, enjoy and a stick around to watch my improvment in these aspects as well as my digital art and color over all, I'd greatly appriciate it. 


Remember, all artists have something they struggle with, usually mulitple things. It's important to push yourself and try to improve if you want to make your art closer to you goals in the future. I'm hoping this comic will last me a year or two which will give me lots of practice. 


Comic update: I am considering making a alternative ending to this comic as well. I will be starting off with the "Comedy" (aka good end) version this time, then later I will come back with the "Tragdedy" (aka bad end) version. Just so that you can pick the universe that you preffer. 



I apologize!
by B.I.Diamond


  For those who dont know me I will introduce myself. My name is Israel and I have a bad habbit of changing my stories constantly. 

I apologize for all of you who were here for B.C.B.C and Academia Millennia. On their own these stories were good, however I felt they were too comical and we not flowing natural enough for me. B.C.B.C being BL erotica would be more niche then I would have liked and limited where I can work on it due to it's graphic content. Academia Millennia was made out of spite and I believe began to become to disrespectful. 

 I bring you something natural now, something that takes from my own experince in live and has a very close meaning to my soul. Something I feel I can truly speak through rather then just write.

I hope you will enjoy this new story, combining many of the stories I aimed to make into one that I think is the best I've got so far. 

Please enjoy.