I apologize!
by B.I.Diamond


  For those who dont know me I will introduce myself. My name is Israel and I have a bad habbit of changing my stories constantly. 

I apologize for all of you who were here for B.C.B.C and Academia Millennia. On their own these stories were good, however I felt they were too comical and we not flowing natural enough for me. B.C.B.C being BL erotica would be more niche then I would have liked and limited where I can work on it due to it's graphic content. Academia Millennia was made out of spite and I believe began to become to disrespectful. 

 I bring you something natural now, something that takes from my own experince in live and has a very close meaning to my soul. Something I feel I can truly speak through rather then just write.

I hope you will enjoy this new story, combining many of the stories I aimed to make into one that I think is the best I've got so far. 

Please enjoy.